[RAC10] Semi-Flooding Location Service

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Vehicular Technology Conference Fall (VTC 2010-Fall), 2010, September 2010, pp.1-5, Ottawa, Canada, (DOI: 10.1109/VETECF.2010.5594281 )

Mots clés: Ad hoc networks , Broadcasting , Mathematical model , Mobile communication , Mobile computing , Routing , Routing protocols

Résumé: Location-based routing for Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) use location information in routing decisions. However, location-based routing protocols need location services to query the location information of the communication partner node so that packets could be forwarded properly. In this paper, we propose a proactive flooding-based location service which named Semi-Flooding Location Service (SFLS). The basic design issue in our proposal is to minimize the number of update packets sent over the whole network. We employed a conditional update technique that manages the number of the updates at the forwarder nodes. This way reduces significantly the overhead of location updates. To study the effectiveness of our algorithm, a mathematical model is developed, and some numerical results are generated. Results demonstrated that SFLS achieves its design goals.

Equipe: sys , roc


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