[PTF19a] A New Widely Linear Equalizer based on Expectation Propagation for Faster-Than-Nyquist

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : IEEE Globecom, December 2019, pp.1-6, Waikoloa, Hawai, USA,

Mots clés: Widely Linear, Faster than Nyquist, Equalization, Expectation Propagation, DFE, MMSE

Résumé: This paper proposes a new Widely Linear Minimum Mean Square Error with Decision Feedback Equalizer (WL-MMSE-DFE) based on the Expectation Propagation (EP) formalism for Faster-Than-Nyquist (FTN) communications. The system model is first derived using a matrix formalism avoiding any aliasing on the Nyquist filter. Then, after recalling the principles of EP, we consider a WL exponential family for estimating the transmitted symbols. This leads us to an iterative receiver composed of a new WL-MMSE-DFE equalizer dedicated to FTN which exchanges messages with a WL constellation matcher. Moreover, we develop a WL-EP-MMSE-DFE algorithm that outperforms existing solutions at the price of a minor complexity increase. Finally, the proposed receiver allows FTN to achieve its Matched Filter Bound while doubling the spectral efficiency of Nyquist signaling up to 3 bits/s/Hz.


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