[PLL14] Architecture and Quality of Software Systems

Chapitres de Livre : Titre du livre: "Software Architectures 2", May 2014, Wiley, pp. 133-170 , (isbn: 978-1-84821-688-4)

Mots clés: Software Architecture, System, requirement

Résumé: Defining the architecture of a software system is a critical step in making design decisions. This is where decisions will be particularly made on non-functional requirements (NFRs), including those of quality. When it comes to building a new system, it is advantageous to utilize the knowledge gained in the development of other similar systems, i.e., belonging to the same functional domain. Our purpose is to study how it is possible to build on a given functional domain knowledge to secure the desired goal, namely the architecture of quality. We propose a quality-driven architecture design approach and apply it as a first step for the development of the reference architecture of a functional domain and then to that a specific system. We develop a real case study from the health sector.

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