[NY06] User Model in Multiplayer Mixed Reality

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : ACE'06, ACM SIGCHI int. conf. on Advances in computer entertainment technology, January 2006, Vol. 266, pp.74-82,
Résumé: Most computer games and more generally entertainment applications use implicitly or explicitly a user model as a reference for the gameplay and dramaturgy progression. With mixed reality technology and ubiquitous computing, user-centered design is required now more than ever to provide an adaptable and personal content at any time and in any context. The goal of our research is to provide a narration model correlated to a user model in the design of mixed reality entertainment. In this paper we give a brief survey of the current researches on user model for adaptation and personalization of services and some empirical studies of user model in games and interactive narration. We propose three possible levels of the user model: generic, localized and personalized and three types of narration scheme. We will describe that the user model and narration schemes can be used in a mixed reality system.


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