[MD13] ARtSENSE and Manifest.AR: Revisiting Museums in the Public Realm through Emerging Art Practices

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Museums and the Web 2013, April 2013, pp.available on line, Portland, Oregon, USA, (DOI:

Mots clés: museum, museum visit, gallery, New Media Art, Augmented Reality, game design

Résumé: A large section of the cultural heritage sector not usually thought of as Cultural Heritage is the contemporary and temporary art galleries and spaces. Many such institutions do not have traditional collection mechanisms nor permanent artefacts and exhibitions, but rather a rolling programme constantly in flux. This represents a new challenge in terms of a systemised approach to learning and public engagement strategies, but also offers an opportunity to propose new learning and engagement mechanisms through the prism of its one unique selling point– the artistic creative engagement of artists and art practitioners. This paper examines the potential of Augmented Reality for the museum and gallery visiting experience focusing particularly on the ways through which AR as an emerging technology may inform emerging art practices all by encouraging public participation and engagement with art.

Equipe: ilj
Collaboration: FACT


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