[LBB00] Prototyping QoS based Architecture for Power Plant Control Applications

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : January 2000,
Résumé: The goal of the project in this paper is to gain experience on QoS (Quality of Service) based distributed system for EDF's power control applications. EDF is the French power utility. QoS is related to time constraints in our case. We adopted a distributed system approach to build our execution platform. The first prototype uses a modified ChorusOS micro-kernel with a real-time inter-process communication facility based on an ATM network and supports a specific real-time java virtual machine. Our second proposal attempts to build an equivalent architecture using off-the-shelf product. Reality constraints leads to a CoS (Classification of Service) based design. We show that there is no available off-the-shelf QoS nor CoS based technology today for real-time object oriented distributed applications.


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