[GS07] The Response Surface as Explorative Tool in Multiple Correspondence Analysis

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : CARME'07, Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods, Rotterdam, January 2007, pp.xx, Rotterdam, Pays-Bas,

Mots clés: Response surface, correspondence analysis

Résumé: In this paper we propose to consider the philosophy of the Response Surface Methodology as a further graphical resource in reading and interpreting the results of the Correspondence Analysis. We suggest to combine in a threedimensional plot a response surface as a function of different pairs of the more meaningful factorial axes which act as independent ariables. The quantitative response variables to be considered in building the surface can be derived from ifferent sources. We will distinguish an Internal and an External analysis. In the first case, the surface represents some information about the quality of the analysis results. Each point can be properly evaluated according to homogenous regions (isoquant curves) on the factorial plan. In the external analysis we deal with continuous illustrative variables. The proposed explorative tool allows to explore the surface shape as a function of the principal axes of Correspondence Analysis. The Response Surface applied in the framework of Correspondence Analysis shows to be useful in enhancing the interpretation of the related factorial map.

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