[GCd18] An Homophily-based Approach for Fast Post Recommendation in Microblogging Systems

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : EDBT, March 2018, pp.1--12, Vienna, Austria,

Mots clés: Recommender, Collaborative Filtering, Twitter, homophily, Microblogging Systems

Résumé: With the unprecedented growth of user-generated content pro- duced on microblogging platforms, nding interesting content for a given user has become a major issue. However due to the intrinsic properties of microblogging systems, such as the vol- umetry, the short lifetime of posts and the sparsity of interactions between users and content, recommender systems can not rely on traditional methods, such as collaborative ltering matrix factorization. After a thorough study of a large Twitter dataset, we present a propagation model which relies on homophily to propose post recommendations. Our approach relies on the con- struction of a similarity graph based on retweet behaviors on top of the Twitter graph. Finally we conduct experiments on our real dataset to demonstrate the quality and scalability of our method.

Collaboration: LIP6


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