[GB01] Real-Time CORBA-MMS for Embedded systems

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Workshop OMG, January 2001,
Résumé: Our work is an on-going project at CEDRIC, the computer science lab of CNAM. Our goal is to achieve a real-time messaging industrial service for embedded and real-time systems. Our framework takes its sources in two standards: ISO-MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification from OSI) [VAL92] and IEC-TASE.2 (Telecontrol Application Service Element version 2 from IEC) [IEC96a][IEC96b], also called ICCP (Inter-Control Center Protocol). We translate their most interesting features for embedded systems to deliver a real-time object oriented industrial messaging service on top of CORBA. Our work respects the overall design of both standards, the functionalities we offer are equivalent. Our result targets applications from manufacturing, ground control systems for space and aircraft, process control, transportation systems& all domains where ISO-MMS was targeted for.

Commentaires: March. San Diego, CA, USA.


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