[ENW16] New Distance Strategies for Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, April 2016, pp.4, Istanbul, Turquie,

Mots clés: Wireless sensor networks; Network lifetime; clustering algorithm; Energy-efficiency.

Résumé: Clustering of nodes is one of the basic methods used for data gathering in wireless sensor networks. It has been observed that in most of these clustering method based upon the local attributes of sensor nodes, some of them are selected as cluster-heads. The nodes which are selected as cluster-head have to dissipate more energy as they have to receive and aggregate data of their respective member nodes. Moreover, Cluster-head nodes near to sink dissipate more energy as these nodes have to relay data of far off placed nodes. Due to this fast dissipation of energy, energy holes are created near to sink which in turn decreases network lifetime. In order to address these issues. We present energy efficient clustering scheme and propose to select, the cluster-heads by a probability based on the min distance between node and base station. The epochs of being cluster-heads for nodes are different according to their position compared with others nodes and the base station. The proposed scheme has been named as energy efficient propagation clustering EEPC. We compare EEPC with LEACH and WCA. Our simulation results show that EEPC results into enhanced network lifetime, throughput and balanced energy consumption among sensor nodes.

Collaboration: Sfax


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