[E E18] Interval estimation for continuous-time switched linear systems

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal Automatica, vol. 90, pp. 230-238, 2018

Mots clés: Robust estimation ; Interval observers ; Switched systems ; hybrid systems

Résumé: This paper deals with the design of interval observers for switched linear systems, a class of hybrid systems. Under the assumption that the disturbances and the measurement noise are bounded, upper and lower bounds for the state are calculated. New conditions of cooperativity in discrete-time instants are firstly proposed. Then, some techniques for interval estimation are developed in continuous-time. It is shown that it is possible to calculate the observer gains making the estimation error dynamics cooperative and stable via some change of coordinates under arbitrary switching sequences. The performances of the developed techniques are illustrated through numerical examples.

Collaboration: INRIA Lille - Nord Europe


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