[CT05] IIWU : If I Were You - A Simple Gameplay Unmanageable by Game Engines

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : CGAMES'05, Int. Conf. on Computer Games, Angoulème, France, January 2005, pp.202-206,

Mots clés: Video Games, Real-time 3D rendering, OpenGL

Résumé: The originality of the game that we present comes from its many technical constraints usually distributed on various types of games. It integrates well known specificities of several kinds without really being in any of these categories. Game engines are influenced by the types of games since they propose many technical optimizations to accelerate their operations. In return, only well categorized games can be developed using game engines. Our game does not claim many resources but it requires original operations that can’t be achieved by game engines. We show that the design of an original creative game difficult when the needs are vast and the means offered are reduced. The problem posed by IIWU is a beginning of answer to the question “why is there only very few original games ?”. The answer that we try to outline is that this problem will remain a technical problem as long as there is no software for designing and generating games detached from those we see usually. We illustrate this fact with a graphical implementation problem: the mixing of multiple spotlights.


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