[Bil17a] Puzzle game about connectivity and biological corridors

Rapport du Laboratoire : Date de dépot: 2017/12/01,

Mots clés: Biodiversity, conservation, connectivity, corridors, game.

Résumé: Landscape fragmentation prevents some species from moving as they should. This fragmentation, mainly due to urbanization, agriculture and forest exploitation, is a major cause of biodiversity loss. One of the options commonly envisaged to remedy this fragmentation - restore some connectivity - is the development of biological corridors. These corridors are natural spaces, usually linear. They allow species to move between different areas that are natural habitats for them.The purpose of this game is to raise awareness in different audiences (such as teachers, children, parents) about issues related to one of the challenges of the 21st century, preservation of biodiversity, and more particularly about the notion of connectivity. The issue is approached in a playful way: determine in a hypothetical landscape the cheapest network of biological corridors linking a set of fragmented natural habitats. This game can also be used to discuss human activities likely to develop in unprotected areas and having a negative impact on the preservation of biodiversity.


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