[BD19] Les perspectives du Brexit évaluées par les ensembles dominants

Conférences Nationales sans actes : ROADEF, Le Havre, France,

Mots clés: Ensemble dominant, réseaux collaboratifs, politique de financement européenne

Résumé: Stimulating innovation and growth within the European Union is crucial and can be achieved by fostering R&D partnerships with EU Foreign Policies. Research collaboration networks induced by these policies received strong attention from policymakers. In this paper, we show that some structures from graph theory (such as Minimum Dominating Set) can be used to determine which members are most involved in these collaborative networks. Although these networks are large in size, it is possible to determine optimal MDS. In particular, we show that some vertices are present in any optimal solution. We call them persistent vertices. They provide a better understanding of the impact of EUFP on collaborations induced between companies or research organizations.


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