[BCF11] Structural Analysis of Narratives with the Coq Proof Assistant.

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Interactive theorem proving (TPHOLs), August 2011, Vol. 6898, pp.55--70, Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Berg en Dal, The Netherlands,

Mots clés: Applications of Theorem Provers, Linear Logic, Formal Models of Narratives

Résumé: This paper proposes a novel application of Interactive Proof Assistants for studying the formal properties of Narratives, building on recent work demonstrating the suitability of Intuitionistic Linear Logic as a conceptual model. More specifically, we describe a method for mod- elling narrative resources and actions, together with constraints on the story endings in the form of an ILL sequent. We describe how well-formed narratives can be interpreted from cut-free proof trees of the sequent ob- tained using Coq. We finally describe how to reason about narratives at the structural level using Coq: by allowing one to prove 2nd order prop- erties on the set of all the proofs generated by a sequent, Coq assists the verification of structural narrative properties traversing all possible variants of a given plot.

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