[BAG12] Generic Spine Model with Simple Physics for Life-Like Quadrupeds and Reptiles

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : VRIPHYS, June 2012, Vol. 2012, pp.97-106,

Mots clés: animation, procedural animation, spine, reptiles, quadrupeds, movement, control

Résumé: We propose a pseudo-physics system and a spine model that can be coupled to generate life-like locomotion animations of quadrupeds and reptiles. The pseudo-physics system uses minimalist particle-based physics and values of the gait pattern to generate the sinusoidal-like ballistic movement of the pelvis observed in nature. While the spine model uses simple geometry-based calculations and 3D Hermite curves to generate a flexible spine model, giving the animated creatures more agility. Our final system is totally controllable by the user in order to generate any desired style.

Equipe: ilj
Collaboration: LIRIS , Spir Ops


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