[APS14] Branch-and-Price-and-Cut for Sustainable Crop Rotation Planning

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : IFORS 2014, July 2014, pp.240, Barcelona, Espagne,

Mots clés: Branch-and-Price-and-Cut, Crop Rotation Planning

Résumé: Crop rotation planning problems have received increasing attention from OR researchers in the past five years, especially for sustainable agriculture. Some papers proposed a column generation approach for covering variants of crop rotation planning, but none has ever proposed neither a branch-and-price nor a branch-and-cut for these problems, to our knowledge. We propose a Branch-and-Price-and-Cut (BPC) for a specific sizing problem introduced by the authors, where space consumption is minimized and seasonal demands are to be covered. This enables sizing with minimum waste of the land space needed for production over a large period of time. The numerical experiments on instances varying the number of crops, periods and plots show that the proposed BPC largely outperforms the direct solving of a compact formulation of the problem, as well as a heuristic that consists in solving the last restricted master program with integer column variables.

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