[AGW17] Arpent: a new high accuracy long-range Absolute Distance Meter

Conférences Internationales sans actes : macroscale, espoo, finlande,

Mots clés: Absolute Distance Meter, Telemetry, Long distance, One-wavelength telemeter

Résumé: Accurate absolute distance measurements over several kilometres are of great interest for several applications such as the surveying of geological faults or of large sites: dams, colliders, tunnels, etc… In this framework, we have developed a new telemeter: Arpent. This telemeter, shaped by several years of research, is able to reach better performances than current commercial ADMs. Nowadays, the most accurate commercial ADM claims an uncertainty of 1.6 mm up to 1 km. However, in the 1990’s, better performances have been reached with the Mekometer ME5000 from the former Kern company. This instrument, no longer manufactured, but still used by several geodetic institutes, can achieve an accuracy of 75 μm ± 0.5 ppm, i.e. 575 μm at 1 km, with a recording of meteorological conditions at each end of the line.

Collaboration: CNAM Paris


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