Mobile e-Book for BITEC Learner & K-12 Data Analysis In the Big Data era

Lieu: CNAM
Date et Heure de début: 30-03-2018


Le prochain séminaire de Statistique appliquée du CNAM se tiendra le  vendredi 30 mars de 11h à 12h en salle 35.1.53 (2 rue Conté, entrée 35, 1er étage).

Nous accueillerons Taerim Lee (Korea National Open University) pour une conférence intitulée :

Mobile e-Book for BITEC Learner & K-12 Data Analysis In the Big Data era

Summary : This project promotes the implementation of mobile e-Book initiative in Bioinformatics Training & Education Center (BITEC) supported from Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare and for training K-12 data analysis in the big data era. Each were 5 years projects co-work together Seoul National University Medical College and this is the last year of this project and we build up KNOU OER LMS system for nationwide medical doctors and data scientist too. The leaders of this mobile e-Book initiative for Life Long Learning are KNOU, only one National Open University in Korea, SNU Medical College renowned university in Korea & KSS. Despite that mobile delivery of courses in higher education graduate level is yet rare, KNOU with the 45 years of long distance education experience and know-hows has expanded the scope of mobile learning for training medical doctors with e-Book and multimedia lecture available using their cellular phones.
Using ICT the world becoming closely connected and mobile e-Stat data analysis system will be an easy accessible educational media for training data analysis for K-12 in the era of big data, with an estimated 95% of the global population living in an area covered by at least a basic mobile cellular network. Global learner have access to the internet and it is expected to continue to rise as more and more open and distance learners, LLL learners come online. E-Stat free version translated in Japanese, Chinese and English too. The rapid growth in broadband access and usage, driven by mobile broadband technologies, has fostered the development of a mobile e-book for training open & distance connected learner.
The high penetration rates of mobile phone subscriptions and the rapid growing of handheld users transform higher education and K-12 education through digitally supported learning & teaching for learner. The BITEC m-Learning initiative focuses on introducing Bioinformatics and Data Analysis using handheld devices to be made easily accessible for medical doctors on the field and open up ubiquitous learning environment. Lesson learned from this initiative is that the mobile e-Book could be the most affordable, accessible and flexible educational media. Consequently, more accessible tertiary education will meet the demands of population that did not have the time and place for such learning.

Keywords: m-Learning, Distance learning, u-Learning, BITEC

Organise: MSDMA
Contact: Avner Bar-Hen