Conférence du Pr Kwang Yun Wohn: Culture Technology: Bridging the Gap between Cultural Artifacts and Digital Technology

Lieu: Cnam Amphi Abbé Grégoire
Date et Heure de début: 01-12-2015


Around 1994, I coined Culture Technology (CT) with the perspective of setting a framework for the symbiosis between technology and culture, more specifically between the digital technology and cultural artifacts. Somehow, the terminology, CT, has become popular in Korea, and for some, mysterious and political reasons, has been adopted by the Korean government as one of the Growth Engine for national advancement. There have been many good, bad, and ugly things happened since then, but one of excitements was the opening of a new graduate program at KAIST, whose primary objective was to facilitate the interdisciplinary studies on digital technology and arts-culture.

In this talk, I will begin with the motivation why a tight integration between culture and technology, especially digital technology, is crucial to the culture-based industry and our modern life in general. Next, I will proceed with the overview of what has happened in Korea since CT had been adopted officially, in regard to industry, academia, and society in general. I will conclude my presentation with my personal perspectives on the future of Culture Technology (CT).

Organise: ILJ
Contact: Stéphane Natkin