Dependability-focused Evaluation of Sensor Networks

Murphy aims at easing the development of dependable and pervasive applications built on top of robust wireless sensor networks, thus providing a mean for early detection of possible failures, by estimating dependability metrics. This endeavour is undertaken by providing:

  • Fault detection based on in-network event processing,
  • Fault injection which attempts to accelerate the occurrence of faults so as to judge the quality of the error handling and hence, facilitate the evaluation of dependability,
  • Advanced code dissemination across sensor networks, which is intended to (i) enable the dynamic and distributed insertion of faults and (ii) hide to the end user the complexity related to this task,
  • Suitable abstractions to reason on faults, wireless sensor networks, data-centric and event-driven applications.
  • The aforementionned components permit to detect faults, diagnose possible causes and select appropriate corrective actions, and therefore to consolidate the dependability of sensor applications.

    Project funded by:

    Reference: ANR-BLAN-SIMI10-LS-100618-6-01
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