Clément Rambour

Research Team

I am a member of the Vertigo Team, CEDRIC Lab

Post-doctoral researchers


Emanuele Dalsasso, Uncertainty in SAR image segmentation, with Nicolas Thome (ISIR)

PhD students


Marc Lafon, Uncertainty for active learning, with Nicolas Thome (ISIR)


Elias Ramzi, deep learning for visual search in large logos databases, with Nicolas Thome (ISIR), Nicolas Audebert (Cnam) and Xavier Bitot (Coexya Group)


Loic Themyr, 3D Ultra-Sound image segmentation, with Nicolas Thome (ISIR) and Toby Collins (IRCAD)

MSc. students


Zakariae El Asri (MSC Artificial Intelligence at Ecole CentraleSupélec). Internship on model based reinforcement learning guided by phyisical knowledge


Raphaël Boige (master Data Science, Télécom Paris/École Polytechnique). Internship on learning agents with diversified behaviours for video games by reinforcement


João Pedro Araújo Ferreira Campos (ENSTA Paris). Internship on spatially-equivariant representation learning for remote sensing and medical images.


ASTRAL (ANR ASTRID 2021-2024), Machine learning for SAR imagery: CEDRIC coordinator

Former Projects

ALYS (ANR ASTRID 2017-2020), SAR tomography in urban areas, see ALYS website


Improving on the 2019 MediaEval Multimedia Satellite Task, we designed and released in 2020 SEN12-FLOOD, a multimodal SAR/multispectral dataset (Sentinel 1 and 2) for flood event detection in remote sensing tim e series.