k-cluster or densest subgraph Problem Instances

Problem Description

Files format

The k-cluster instances files

A few references where these instances are used

Problem description

Given a valued graph G=(V,E) of n nodes and a number k, the problem is to find a subset S of V having a cardinality k and such that the induced subgraph is as dense as possible.

Files format  

Each .dat file contains one instance, in the following format : Number of nodes, k, Number of edges, and then, for any edge [i,j] with i < j wij = 0.5 if and only if an edge links vertices i and j

n k nb_non_zero matrix W
W entries

The optimal solution values are reported here  

The k-cluster instance files  


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[2] A. Billionnet , S. Elloumi , M. Plateau - Quadratic Convex Reformulation : a Computational Study of the Graph Bisection Problem, TR CEDRIC No 1003, 2006. (pdf)

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