General mixed-integer quadratically constrained problem instances

Problem Description

Files format

The instances files

A few references where these instances are used

Problem description

This library contains instances of quadratically constrained Mixed Integer Quadratic Programs (MIQCP_m) that can be formulated as follows:

Min f(x) = xt Q0 x + ct x
(MIQCPm) s.t.
xt Qr x + c r t x = bqr r=1, ..., mq : mq quadratic equalities
xt Qr x + c r t x ≤ bqr r=mq+1, ..., (mq+pq) : pq quadratic inequalities
0 ≤ ℓ ≤ x ≤ u n positive and lower and upper bounded variables
xi ∈ N i=1,..,nb_int integer variables
xi ∈ R i=nb_int,...,n real variables

Where Qr ∈ Sn, cr ∈ Rn, bq ∈ Rmq+pq, ℓ ∈ Rn, and u ∈ Rn. In these instances, for all r= 0, ..., mq+pq, the submatrix of pure real quadratic terms of each matrix Qr defined by (q(rij) ∈ {nb_int..n}x{nb_int..n} is positive semidefinite.

Files format  

Each .dat file contains one instance, in the format of solver SMIQCP:

n nb_int 0 0 mq pq
u1, u2... un

1, ℓ2... &elln
i j q0ij
i c0i
nnzQr + nnzcr
r 0 i+1 cri
r i+1 j+1 qrij
r i bri
nnzQr + nnzcr r=1,..,pq
r 0 i+1 cri
r i+1 j+1 qrij
nnzer r=1..pq
r i eri
where nnzM is the number of non zero elements of matrix/vector M.

An example is available here  

The optimal solution values are reported here :

  • The IQCP-MIQCP instance files  

    A convex instance  


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