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I'm a PhD student at Le CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) in Paris. Member of the Vertigo and ISID teams, which are databases/IS dedicated teams, component of the CEDRIC laboratory.

My thesis.

Research interests

My work is focused mainly on:

  • Information retrieval from web 2.0 data streams
  • Indexing and querying social Networks, especially micro-blogging systems
  • Efficient and real time filtering on Web 2.0 data
  • [DMS12] Ryadh Dahimene, Cédric du Mouza, Michel Scholl. Efficient Filtering in Micro-blogging Systems: We Won't Get Flooded Again. Intl. IEEE Conf. on Scientific and Statistical Databases (SSDBM'12), 2012.
  • [DM13] Ryadh Dahimene, Cédric du Mouza. MicroFilter: Real Time Filtering Of Microblogging Content. 3rd Workshop on Making Sense of MicroPosts/World Wide Web Conference (WWW'13), 2013.
  • [DM13b] Ryadh Dahimene, Cédric du Mouza - MicroFilter: Scalable Real-Time Filtering Of Micro-blogging Content, BDA'13, Base de Données Avancées, Octobre 2013, pp.1--5, Nantes, France.
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Data visualization realised with datamaps and d3js


Data visualization realised with d3js, inspired by Progress Events


Databases 101 - [INA137] (in french)

(Support de cours de Georges Gardarin et Eric Soutif)

Contact me

Mohamed Ryadh DAHIMENE

Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers
Case courrier: 2D4P10
292 rue Saint Martin 75141
Paris Cedex 03

  • Phone: +33(0)665243118
  • Email: ryadh.dahimene@cnam.fr
  • Gmail: dahimene.ryadh [at] gmail [dot] com (I check this email address more often)