Principles of Smart Cards and their programming

  1. Basic Principles on Smart Cards

  2. SIM Cards features

  3. Lab on SIM cards (statement)

  4. Lab on SIM cards (example of results, document in French)

  5. Java Card programming

  6. Tutorial: How to develop a Java Card application ?

  7. Eclipse project to download for Java Card programming

  8. Example of Echo Applet: the Client program and the applet

  9. Statement of the problem: How to use 3DES in a Java Card program?

  10. NFC Technology

  11. Lab on NFC (How to read/write a Mifare Classic 1KB tag using a Java API ?)

  12. Java API Java for NFC readers of type ACR128, adapted by Aghiles Adjaz

  13. Java API Java for NFC readers of type ACR122

  14. An example of program to read Miface Classic tags

  15. Java Card 3.0 Technology