Tifanie Bouchara
Assistant Professor
tel : +33 (0)1 40 27 25 98
CEDRIC, groupe : Interactivité pour Lire et Jouer

Research topics

Situated in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) domain, my researches focused on the auditory modality and its combinations with other modalities (mainly the visual one). Therefore my work concerns sonic interaction design and multimodal interfaces.
My aim is to propose computer feedbacks, i.e. visual (visualization techniques) and/or auditory (digital signal processing) renderings, that would be more adapted to the user. To do that, I study human factors, i.e. auditory, visual and multisensory perception and attention.
I am particularly interested in the question of zoomable auditory displays and browsing interfaces.
I also work on 3D audio and Virtual Reality, mainly through Art-Science projects with composers.

Short Biography

I am currently assistant professor at the CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers), member of the ILJ team (Interactivity to Play and Read) in the Computer Science laboratory CEDRIC, and teaching Computer Sciences (Human-Computer Interaction and Signal Processing) in ENJMIN (National School of Video Games and Interactive Media). post-doc researcher in the LIPADE (Computer Science Laboratory of Paris Descartes) in Paris. I defended my Ph.D. from Paris Sud XI University in october 2012, working at LIMSI-CNRS under supervision of Christian Jacquemin and Brian F.G. Katz. After a Master of Science on audiovisual techniques for music and cinema production at ISB (Image&Sound of Brest, University of Bretagne Occidentale) in 2007, I graduated with honors from the master program of Acoustics, Digital Signal Processing and Computer Sciences applied to Music (ATIAM) of IRCAM in September 2008. During my 1st year of Ph.D., I worked 6 months in the Multimodal Interaction Laboratory ( McGill University / CIRMMT) in Montreal, QC, Canada, for a doctoral fellowship under supervision of Catherine Guastavino. During the five last years, I also teached Computer Sciences (Auditory Displays, Virtual Reality, Algorithmics, Signal Processing) in Paris XI University, Polytech'Orsay, IUT Orsay and ENJMIN.
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