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Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers
2, rue Conté 75003 PARIS
Accès 37, 1er étage
Métro Arts et Métiers or Réaumur/Sebastopol

From CNAM to Vertigo's lair

The story begins 2, rue Conté 75003. Be careful, our offices are not in the main building but in the annexes. Google Map
Step 1:The main gate.
Perhaps you will have to register at the security guard in order to be allowed to enter. Most of the time they do not really check. Map-1
Step 2:
The main yard. You will have to find gate 37.
Step 3:
Gate 37
Step 4:
Turn left, open that door and climb the stairs.
Step 5:
When you reach 2nd floor (1er étage en Français), open the door on your right.
Step 6:
Once entered, look on your right. The first door leads to offices number 141 and 142. The third doors lead to office 140. You will find who is where below.

From distant places to CNAM



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