[ZSl19] Lattice-Reduction-Aided Equalization for MIMO-FBMC systems

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal IEEE wireless communications letters, vol. 8(1), pp. 101-104, 2019, (doi:DOI 10.1109/LWC.2018.2859942)

Mots clés: MIMO communication, Interference, Lattices, Modulation, Multiplexing, Receiving antennas

Résumé: In this letter, we propose use of a lattice reduction (LR) approach to enhance the performance of spatial multiplexing (SM) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems using filter-bank multicarrier (FBMC) modulation. It is known that lattice-reduction-aided (LRA) MIMO receivers can achieve full spatial diversity. On the other hand, the presence of intrinsic interference in FBMC is widely regarded as a factor that prevents the system from taking advantage of spatial diversity when combined with SM-MIMO. We will show that with an adequate adaptation to FBMC modulation, the LR approach can be performed in a straightforward manner. Simulation results show that an LRA equalizer allows an FBMC-MIMO system to benefit more from the available spatial diversity and offers an interesting performance gain compared to the existing solutions with reasonable complexity.

Collaboration: lcs


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