[ZP16] Mobile Robot Used to Collect Data from a Difficult Access Area

Chapitres de Livre : Titre du livre: "New Advances in Mechanisms, Mechanical Transmissions and Robotics", October 2016, pp. 287-295, (doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-45450-4_29) (isbn: 978-3-319-45450-4)

Mots clés: Microcontroller, MikroPascal, Mobile robot, Sensors, Solar cell

Résumé: Building a robot requires knowledge from very different fields. In order to achieve even a very simple task, it requires complicate systems. Robots must, generally, feel to be able to get information about the environment. A robot must “understand” what happens, build plans or assess situations. Domains where robots are being used more and more are: transport and agriculture, various industries, in services, in scientific research, the knowledge of the ocean and outer space. The robots are equipped with various devices: systems for voice recognition, gyroscopes systems, wireless communication systems, global positioning systems (GPS) and various types of sensors (for detecting heat, force, ultrasound, chemicals and radiation etc.). This paper presents the opportunity for using a mobile robot for testing an inaccessible environment for humans and, eventually, the detection of a hostile area.


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