[UAA18] Decomposition method in a scheduling problem with energy storage and costs

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : ISMP, July 2018, France,
Résumé: We consider a scheduling and energy sources assignment problem abstracted from several applications including data, smart buildings, hybrid-vehicles and manufacturing. A set of pre-emptive jobs has to be scheduled on a set machines. The energy consumed by a machine has a fixed part (if switched on/off ) and a variable part depending on the tasks in process. Each task requires a known energy amount when processed on a given machine. A given schedule therefore induces a time-dependent total energy demand. Two energy sources are available to supply the demand. One is a reversible source, able to produce and retrieve energy assuming a limited capac- ity. The other is a non-reversible source of infinite capacity, only able to produce energy, but its usage comes with a cost expressed as a time-dependent piecewise linear function of the energy supplied. The objective is to minimize the total energy cost. We present original lot sizing and scheduling decomposition approaches, analysis of sub-problems and computational results


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