[Tre11] A critical survey of project management

Conférences invitées : ICSEEA'11, December 2011, France,

Auteurs: N. Treves

Résumé: Project management has been of practice for many years in the field of the SW industry, since the SW engineering concepts had appeared. It consists of techniques and methods for resource allocation with the aim to maximize the quality of the outcomes while minimizing the cost and the delay of the project. In order to track this objective, metrics have to be defined. They allow giving a view of the project progress at a given time according to its assigned target. However, the problem deals with the choice of the relevant metrics, with the idea they should meet the project's right issues and purpose. They must include measurement for product quality assurance, for the control of the SW development process. Choosing erroneous metrics can lead the project to a little assessment which is not clearly related to the actual outcomes.

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