[TMD17] New waveforms for C-MTC context

Rapport Scientifique : Date de dépot: 2017/07/21, Nb pages 42, (Tech. Rep.: CEDRIC-17-4102)

Mots clés: C-MTC, CP-OFDM, post-OFDM, WOLA-OFDM, UFMC, UF-OFDM, Filtered- OFDM, FBMC-OQAM, WCP-COQAM, FFT-OFDM, BF-OFDM, Wavelet, WOLA-COQAM, PSD, spectral efficiency, latency, timing offset, CFO, PAPR, complexity, uncoded BER, multipath

Résumé: This report is the second one of task WP2 titled ’Waveforms for C-MTC’. The aim of this deliverable is to propose new waveforms and to compare with the waveforms kept in D2.1 which are adapted to the C-MTC context. The performance assessment and the WF analysis are performed according to several criteria such as the PSD, spectral efficiency, latency, complexity, time and frequency offset behavior, PAPR, and BER with multipath channels.


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