[Pra12] Teaching Information Systems with Cases: An Exploratory Study

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal Journal of Computer Information Systems, vol. 52(3), pp. 71-81, 2012

Auteurs: N. Prat

Mots clés: méthode des cas, styles d'apprentissage, enseignement des systèmes d'information, recherche empirique

Résumé: The case method is widely used in management education. In information systems (IS), it is particularly appropriate for management-oriented courses. Many case sources are available, along with several different case types (e.g. long vs. short or mini-case, traditional discussion vs. role playing…) and question types (e.g. analysis questions, action questions). The instructor is often left to wonder what case teaching approach (case type and questions type) is the most appropriate to stimulate students’ involvement and learning. This research explores the effect of the case method on students’ involvement and learning, in an IS management course. We experiment with different case teaching approaches, and examine the students’ participation, satisfaction and learning, in conjunction with their learning styles. Among the empirical results, we find that some case teaching approaches are more adapted to particular types of learning styles.

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