[PR15] The Hieroglyphic Sign Functions. Suggestions for a Revised Taxonomy

Chapitres de Livre : Titre du livre: "Fuzzy Boundaries, Festschrift für Antonio Loprieno", October 2015, pp. 149–174,

Mots clés: Humanités numériques, Digital Humanities, Natural Language Processing

Résumé: The aim of this paper is to suggest a taxonomy that allows for a systematic description of the functions that can be fulfilled by hieroglyphic signs. Taking as a point of departure the insights of several studies that have been published on the topic since Champollion, we suggest that three key-features – namely, semography, phonemography and autonomy – are needed in order to provide a description of the glottic functions of the ancient Egyptian graphemes. Combining these paradigmatic and syntagmatic features, six core functions can be identified for the hieroglyphic signs: they may behave as pictograms, logograms, phonograms, classifiers, radicograms or interpretants. In a second step, we provide a definition for each function and discuss examples that illustrate the fuzziness between these core semiotic categories.

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