[PAC12] An MDA approach to knowledge engineering

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 39(2), pp. 10420-10437, 2012, (doi:

Mots clés: ingénierie des connaissances, Model-Driven Approach, modèle de connaissances, règles de production, CommonKADS

Résumé: This paper proposes an MDA approach to knowledge engineering, centered on the CommonKADS knowledge model. The latter corresponds to the CIM level of MDA whereas PRR, which represents production rules and rulesets, corresponds to the PIM level. The paper explores the mapping between CommonKADS knowledge models and production rules and rulesets based on PRR. Mapping CommonKADS knowledge models into PRR is very useful, due to the fact that the CIM level remains relatively unexplored, despite its key role in MDA. This motivates our choice to focus on the CIM and PIM levels. Furthermore, the mapping between PIM and PSM (i.e. the implementation of production rules in specific rule-based systems) constitutes less of an issue. To map CommonKADS knowledge models into PRR production rules and rulesets, we propose and illustrate a set of transformations. To ease these transformations, we start by grouping elements of the CommonKADS knowledge models into so-called “inference groups”. We propose and illustrate an algorithm that defines these inference groups automatically. The definition of transformations between models (CIM to PIM levels) requires a specific metamodel for CommonKADS as well as a dedicated metamodel for PRR. Unlike PRR, there is no published CommonKADS metamodel. This paper proposes a comprehensive CommonKADS knowledge metamodel. We describe and discuss an example, applying the whole approach.

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