[NTC10] A sound Engine For Virtuals Cities

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : ICEC 2010, September 2010, pp.pp. 443–445,, Series LNCS 6243, Seoul, kr,

Mots clés: Virtual City, Virtual World, Sound Engine, Soundscape

Résumé: This paper presents an ongoing work which goal is to specify and implement a general-purpose sound engine for virtual cities. This work is motivated by a project, funded by the French government, “Terra Dynamica“. The first section present a state of the art of the virtual urban sound spaces emphasizing various types of virtual cities and their relationship to auditory space. The second section is devoted to the engine goals and architecture. The last section describes an experiment of audio recordings on real urban sound spaces, as well as an implementation of prototype for listening and semantic analysis.

Equipe: ilj


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