[NTA19] Localization by Inversion of the Taylor Expansion of the Received Power

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : PIMRC2019, September 2019, pp.1-5, Turquie,

Mots clés: Localization, fingerprinting, Taylor expansion

Résumé: This paper presents a localization algorithm based on the identification of a linear expression connecting a vector of mean received powers to a vector of Cartesian coordinates. The linear expression is based on a Taylor expansion of the received power collected on a set of measurement points. The terms of the Taylor expansion are then integrated in a transfer matrix able to predict a vector of received power from a composite vector of Cartesian coordinates. Using the pseudo inverse of this matrix it is then possible to find the Cartesian coordinates of any unknown reception point, from the vector of mean received powers at this point.


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