[MTB18] On blind symbol timing estimation for FBMC systems: the case of FBMC-PAM

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Mots clés: Multicarrier modulation, FBMC, PAM, blind estimation, symbol timing

Résumé: This paper deals with the problem of symbol timing estimation for filter bank multicarrier systems with pulse amplitude modulation (FBMC-PAM). In FBMC-PAM a sequence of real-valued symbols can be transmitted over 2M spectrally separated sub-carriers operating at the same symbol rate as OFDM. The maximum likelihood blind symbol timing estimator is derived for AWGN channel under the assumption of low SNR conditions. The estimator exploits both the conjugate and the unconjugate correlation. In addition, a closed form low complexity blind estimator exploiting only the unconjugate correlation is proposed. The performance of the restimators is compared with that of the two estimators obtained by separately maximizing the contribution of the ML cost function exploiting the unconjugate or the conjugate correlation.

Collaboration: UNINA


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