[MTB17] On frequency domain equalization for FBMC-PAM communication systems

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : ISWCS 2017, August 2017, pp.1-6, Bologna, Italy,

Mots clés: Multicarrier communications, FBMC, PAM, mobile systems

Résumé: Among the filter bank multicarrier techniques for efficient transmission in communication systems, the recently proposed FBMC-PAM transceiver exhibits many advantages in comparison with the OFDM system; in particular, it does not require a cyclic prefix and, in the asynchronous multiuser context, it provides a high level of separation anmong users .However, a performance loss is encountered when operating in hostile multipath channel if the latency of the overall transceiver and the receuiver complexity are limited.The equalizer here proposed is aimed at reducing the performance gap between the two systems without resorting to an increase of latency and complexity.Its performance is assessed by simulations.The obtained results show that it exhibits a performance advance in comparison with the standard FBMC-PAM equalizer, significantly reducing the gap with the standard OFDM system when a low rate transceiver contellation is used. Moreover, a reduced complexity version of the equalizer is derived and analyzed.

Collaboration: UNINA


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