[MSR18] Non linear power amplifier effects on post-OFDM waveforms

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : URSI AT-RASC, May 2018, pp.1-4, Espagne,
Résumé: Any multi-carrier signals are known to be prone to high peak to average power ratios what is viewed as a salient shortcoming. As a result it is shown that their amplification with non linear components (as power amplifiers) yield large out of band regrowths and mitigate their spectral efficiency accordingly. As spectral regrowths have to be kept under a given thresold, the spectral effects of non linear amplification have to be carefully studied in the multi-carrier context. The considered waveforms are CPOFDM, WOLA-OFDM, UFMC, Filtered OFDM, FBMCQAM, FBMC-OQAM and FBMC-QAM. The two metrics to be investigated are their Power Spectral Densities and the Noise Power Ratio of the transmission by taking into account a real power amplifier modeled as a polynimial transfer function.


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