[MMa14] Preface

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal Data & knowledge Engineering, vol. 94(2014), pp. 133-134, 2014

Mots clés: NLP, Information systems

Résumé: For nearly 20 years, the NLDB international conference ( ) has been the channel, and gave the opportunity, for researchers in these areas to disseminate the state of the art research on the applications of Natural Language to Data Bases (hence the acronym NLDB). As Information Systems are now evolving into the communication area, the term Data Bases should be consid- eredinitsbroadersenseandwouldembracethewiderareaofinformationandcommunicationsystems,includingwebandpervasive data and systems. New challenges arise with the huge amounts and the variety (structural and linguistic) of available data. Contra- dictory goals such as opening data and managing privacy are to be ful fi lled, which require skills in semantic analysis. Researches in the area of Natural Language Processing for Information Systems are addressing the development of interactive natural language human/machine interfaces, the management of linked data and semantic metadata, and the building of algorithms for interlinking, exploiting, organizing, categorizing, fi ltering, summarizing data while pro fi ling and targeting receivers. The NLDB conference has evolvedtoincludethebigdataanddatasciencesareasthatareseentobethecornerstoneoffuturedatadrivensoftwareapplications

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