[Lev17] Quality-driven Reference Architecture Incremental Design: an Industrial Experience

Conférences invitées : 2017 Conference Theme: Engineering Cyber Physical Systems, October 2017, Chicago, US,

Auteurs: N. Levy

Mots clés: software architecture, software product lines

Résumé: The objective is to describe a methodology to define a Reference Architecture that will ease the further development of complex systems in a given domain. The Reference Architecture contains variations points, first step to the design of a Software Product Line. Early product quality considerations are taken into account, based on the ISO/IEC 26550 reference model guidelines for Software Product Line engineering, introducing required qualities as variation criteria. A bottom-up strategy will be followed starting from an existing product. The logic view of the Reference Architecture is incrementally developed in a four steps process. The first step shows the architecture with main functional components. The second step establishes the traceability among functional components and the quality requirements needed by the functionalities to perform conveniently their tasks, expressed also as non-functional components or implicit functionalities. This link is maintained in the third step when components are agglomerated or separated to populate the components of the style. The Reference Architecture configuration is presented in the fourth step with the variability model, which is defined considering similarities among the different tasks performed by the functional and non-functional components. An industrial experience in the Human Resources domain is presented: a Vacation Request System that takes into account different regulations.


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