[LRK15] Preface of WISSE’15 (Fourth International Workshop on Information Systems Security Engineering)

Autres :
datepub: June 2015,

Mots clés: information system security

Résumé: Information systems security problems are currently a widespread and growing concern that covers most of the areas of society, such as business, domestic, financial, government, healthcare, and so on. The scientific community has realized the importance of aligning information systems engineering and security engineering in order to develop more secure information systems. Nevertheless, there is lack of an appropriate event that will promote information systems security within the context of information systems engineering. The proposed workshop fulfils this gap. The workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to present, discuss and debate on one hand the latest research work on methods, models, practices and tools for secure information systems engineering, and on the other hand relevant industrial applications, recurring challenges, problems and industrial led solutions at the area of secure information systems engineering.


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