[LAF04] Enhancing security of Web Services Workflows using Watermarking

Rapport Scientifique : Date de dépot: 2004/01/01, (Tech. Rep.: CEDRIC-04-672)

Auteurs: J. Lafaye

Résumé: In this work, we present a solution based on watermarking to address the problem of securing web services workflows. Indeed, watermarking brings a practical solution to protect the intellectual property of a document. The work is divided into two parts. In a first part, we present a watermarking algorithm which slightly modifies messages flooding through workflows. Then, we show how the aggregation of watermarked messages permit to claim ownership over a specific data. We study theoretically how resilient is this technique to the most current kinds of attacks and validate our results using a real example. In a second part, we model web services as tree transformations and we isolate a class of transformations for which it is possible to track the watermarked nodes of the input. Straightforward extensions of those results permit the simultaneous copyright protection of a composite document built by several peers.

Commentaires: Master Thesis Report


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