[HBH13] MCC-OSGi: An OSGi-based Mobile Cloud Service Model

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : The IEEE ISADS (Eleventh International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems), March 2013, pp.37-44, Mexico,

Mots clés: OSGi, Service Oriented Architecture, Mobile Cloud Computing, Android.

Résumé: In this article, a mobile cloud service model is presented, in which it offers a dynamic and efficient remote access to information services and resources for mobile devices. Mobile cloud computing has been evolved as a distributed service model, where individual mobile users are cloud service providers. Compared to traditional Internet-centric cloud service models, the complexity of mobile service management in a dynamic and distributed service environment is increased dramatically. To address this challenge, we propose to establish an OSGi-based mobile cloud service model – MCC-OSGi – that uses OSGi Bundles as the basic mobile cloud service building components. The proposed solution supports OSGi bundles running on both mobile devices and cloud-side virtual machine OS platforms, and the bundles can be transferred and run on different platforms without compatibility issues. The presented solution is achieved: 1) by incorporating OSGi into Android software development platform, 2) by setting up a Remote-OSGi on the cloud and on mobile devices, and 3) by defining three service architecture models. The presented solution is validated through a demonstrative application with relevant performance measurements.

Equipe: mim , roc
Collaboration: SNAC


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