[GRSa98] The DEDALE System for Complex Spatial Queries

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : ACM-SIGMOD Intl. Conf. on the Management of Data (SIGMOD'98), January 1998,
Résumé: This paper presents DEDALE, a spatial database system intended to overcome some limitations of current systems by providing an abstract and non-specialized data model and query language for the representation and manipulation of spatial objects. \dedale/ relies on a logical model based on linear constraints, which generalizes the constraint database model of KKR90. While in the classical constraint model, spatial data is always decomposed into its convex components, in DEDALE holes are allowed to fit the need of practical applications. The logical representation of spatial data although slightly more costly in memory, has the advantage of simplifying the algorithms. DEDALE relies on nested relations, in which all sorts of data (thematic, spatial, etc.) are stored in a uniform fashion. This new data model supports declarative query languages, which allow an intuitive and efficient manipulation of spatial objects. Their formal foundation constitutes a basis for practical query optimization. We describe several evaluation rules tailored for geometric data and give the specification of an optimizer module for spatial queries. Except for the latter module, the system has been fully implemented upon the O$_2$ DBMS, thus proving the effectiveness of a constraint-based approach for the design of spatial database systems.

Collaboration: INRIA Rocquencourt , INRIA Saclay - Ile de France


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