[GNAa06] Playing audiogames without instructions for uses: To do without instruction leaflet or without language itself?

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : CGAMES'06, Int. Conf. on Computer Games, Dublin, Ireland, January 2006, pp.263-268,
Résumé: Audiogames, which are supposed to be accessible to the visually impaired people, have two problems related to language to be understood by most of their users : the first one is linked to an instruction reading phase, which is often essential, and the pleasure of which is often very different from the pleasure of playing the game. The second problem is even more bothersome: the major part of the candidates who want to play do not understand the language used by those games. In games, we can discern two approaches to learn how interactivity works: the instructions for use and the interactivity itself. So, if the purpose of a game is to learn in a friendly but challenging way, when interactivity becomes complex, why not first start this process from the very beginning, without the need of textual instructions? We have therefore designed a sound game in two versions: one with the instructions incorporated in the game, so that it is possible to play without an instruction leaflet, another without any language at all. Through the analysis of case studies in which players test those games, the version with linguistic instructions incorporated in the game appears more efficient for understanding the game and the pleasure of playing seems good. The version without linguistic instructions was properly used by two players out of five. These results, though still insufficient to prompt us to do without any language at all, encourage the improvement of the game design and sound design principles allowing a greater internationality of audiogames.

Collaboration: THIM


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