[FSZ18a] Performance of Linear and Widely Linear Equalizers for FBMC/OQAM modulation

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : IEEE ICT 2018, June 2018, pp.1-5, France,
Résumé: In this paper, we compare BER performance of linear (MMSE-LE) and widely Linear (MMSE-WLE) equalizers applied on a filter bank multi-carrier modulation with Offset-QAM modulation (FBMC-OQAM). Theoretical expressions of bit error rate (BER) are derived with very good agreement with simulations. An equivalent model using $M-$ary pulse amplitude modulation ($M-$PAM) is derived from the FBMC modulator$/$demodulator. Theoretical BER expressions are based on this model. We show that BER for the LE is highly dependent on the fact that adjacent sub-carriers are switched on or off while WLE gives always the best performance.

Collaboration: USC


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