[FKB17] DRSS: Distributed RDF SPARQL Streaming

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : SERA 2017, June 2017, pp.10, London, UK,

Mots clés: RDF graphs streams

Résumé: In this work, we present DRSS, a distributed and scalable engine for RDF streams processing. DRSS proposes a new query syntax for continuous querying of RDF data streams. The system includes among others three efficient algorithms for (1) rewriting continuous queries sharing common substructures (2), SPARQL query partitioning across multiple computer nodes according to an efficient distribution strategy and (3) query-based data distribution for local processing of sub-queries minimizing data exchanged across nodes. Our system combines both real-time data from multiple sources and stored RDF processing. DRSS and its all algorithms are implemented using the real-time data processing platform Storm Framework, which provides parallelization mechanisms of query operators. The DRSS evaluation is conducted on a real dataset containing up to 1 million RDF graphs. Experiments and obtained results confirm the scalability and the effectiveness of our system.


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